The "Baugnez 44 Historical Center" museum includes a cinema with a capacity of 50 people where a film in four languages (French, English, Dutch and German) lasts 25 minutes and retraces the Battle of the Bulge and the penetration of the Kampfgruppe Peiper into our region.
This film consists of extracts of archive film on the Battle of the Bulge some of which is unreleased along with eye witness accounts. The film also presents scene filmed during the Dachau trial in 1946 covering what occurred at Baugnez during the Battle of the Bulge.



Two movies have been joined on this DVD


17th december 1944: Gruesome epopee of the Kampfgruppe Peiper ( 20 min. )
17th december 2007: Wayback on the Peipercolumn ( 16 min. )


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