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Open (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
Special schedule: closing at 3:00 p.m., last entrance accepted at 2:15 p.m.
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  • Admission for children under 8 is free.
  • Adult price: 8.50€
    Child price: 7.00€
  • Admission for children under 8 is free.
  • Booking required from 30 people.
  • Guided tours available on request
  • Adult price: 7.50€
    Child price: 6.00€
  • For school groups the cost of a visit to the Baugnez 44 Historical Center is 4 Euros per pupil and 6.5 Euros per teacher. One teacher per 15 pupils is admitted free.
  • Guided tours available on request
  • Adult price: 6.50€
    Child price: 5.00€
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After the war, a first monument was inaugurated. It would be several years before the present day monument of Baugnez / Malmedy would be erected. It is in memory of the massacre that the Baugnez 44 Historical Museum has been built on the site of the actual massacre.

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Audio guide

Visiting the museum is facilitated by the use of an audio guide in four languages (French, English, Dutch and German). The visit lasts about 1and a half hours. Throughout your visit, the audio guide will give you the information necessary to better understand what this offensive was about. It will explain to you al the stages and operations of the Battle of the Bulge.

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The whole complex is accessible to handicapped persons.

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Once you have visited the downstairs you will then go upstairs. A cinema with a film of 25 minutes in four languages (French, English, Dutch and German) awaits you upstairs either at the start or the end of your time here.

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Why Five Points?

A Brasserie-Restaurant located in an outstanding setting. A place where all the visitors can while away their time pleasantly in a cosy and friendly atmosphere, simply having a drink or regaling themselves with a three-course meal.

Five Points serves sophisticated French-style dishes reflecting the passing seasons or unpretentious meals ready in a trice, according to the purest Brasserie tradition. Always true to its brasserie calling, Five Points offers 20 or so bottled beers and five different types of draught beer, including the must-taste "Bière de Bellevaux", a regional beverage brewed not very far away.

Housed in the Baugnez 44 Historical Museum complex, the Five Points provides an ideal opportunity to combine a gourmet experience with the discovery of an event that will live forever in the collective memory. Space to seat 75 people, a magnificent terrace that can accommodate a further 60 people and a huge parking area, with all the facilities adapted to the needs of visitors with reduced mobility.

You are no doubt wondering where the name Five Points comes from.

"Five Points" was how the GIs called this strategic location. The crossroads formed by five roads is referred to as Five Points in myriad books about the Battle of the Bulge.

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